Katine, Uganda.

As you know we put a post on the blog about our cocktail party, and saying that we are raising money for The tournament of hope in Katine, Uganda. This is a football based charity earning money for the war torn country and the people in it. This map shows where Uganda is.

P7a Cocktail party and raffle

P7a are holding a cocktail party and a raffle to raise money for the Katine project. The Cocktail party will be held on the 30th of June 2009 in the kitchen. The price of the raffle is 50 p a ticket. The prize will be an Aberdeen signed football. The money raised will go to the katine project, which raises money for Katine in Uganda. The cocktails are non-acoholic. This is also an enterprise project. Enterprise wall
This is our enterprise wall.

Dunnoly House by Matthew C

Dunnolly House is a house situated on the edge of Aberfeldy in Perthshire. The house is mainly for school children there on excursion but also many families’s vist there and do the many activities that the Dunnolly staff provide.


The house isn’t far from Loch Tay and the River Tay is within walking distance. It is on the main road in Aberfeldy. If you follow that road you will end up at the very beautiful Birks of Aberfeldy. This is of course where the famous Scottish poet Robert Burns spent loads of time and where he wrote the song the Birks of Aberfeldy.


The house itself is a compacted building with several rooms on 3 floors. Amongst the rooms is a Dining room, a Games Room and a communal bathroom but most rooms have on-suite  bathrooms. About 6m from the house there is a Garage where the water sports equipment is located. About 8m from the Garage is a cottage where there is 2 rooms where some people could live for their time there.


Most people go to Dunnolly to do the excellent activities that you can do there. The activity timetable is 1 activity in the morning, 1 in the afternoon and one in the night but on your first day you will likely to miss out your morning activity. From Archery to the Climbing wall you will have absolute great fun. Although there are loads of great things to do but nothing can beat the famous White Water Rafting down the River Tay. Bashing against rocks, Taking over other ships and going down the current. Be a child for a day!


Dunnoly house is a unseen getaway for active grandparents, aunts and uncles, parents and of course children.

Cooper’s Science report

What do you think of this, is it level D?


Science Report

A healthy diet is important to keep a healthy body and also to stop your body from having problems.


People should have 5 fruit and veg servings, about 8 servings of bread and cereal groups, people should also have round 4 servings of dairy groups, and you can also eat oily and sweet foods but eat them sparingly.


One of the healthiest types of food is bread, cereal, pasta and rice then comes fruit and veg then meat, fish, yoghurt, milk, cheese, nuts, eggs and beans.


When you are eating your diet you have to be very careful on what you eat because you could end up giving your body problems so keep a balanced diet and that wont happen.


No one would ever regret going on a healthy diet it keeps your body fit and in shape.

Cooper’s Royal Caribbean Cruise

What do you think of my writing, is it level D?


Royal Caribbean Cruise

Freedom of the seas Royal Caribbean is the biggest most fun filling ship in the world it has 4,500 staff and holds up to 4,350 guests.


This magnificent ship stops at several beautiful island destinations such as Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, Dominica, Jamaica, and Haiti with lots more to explore.


The ship has amazing activities to do like basketball, boogie boarding, dodge ball, rock climbing and lots more like ice skating to be found on this magnificent ship.


Decks 1 to 10 have rooms, bars, pools and all the major activities to take part in deck 3 list them.


Royal Caribbean has their own little part of the island in Haiti and they called it labadee so that is where they stop it has climbing facilities, zip line a 40 foot slide and heaps more.


There are 4 main restaurants the main restaurant for breakfast and lunch is the jade & windjammer café on the 11th floor for dinner there are 4 main restaurants they are Galileo’s, Isaacs and Eduardo’s they are the same restaurant just different decks.


Deck 14 is a magnificent adults only bar open 24 hours a day it has a beautiful view of the rest of the ship  so you can hang out there with a relaxing drink while sitting and exploring the ship at the same time.


Deck 15 is a beautiful skylight chapel where you can go and have a nice quiet time or have weddings or if you want you can go pray any time you want.


Choosing royal Caribbean Freedom Of The Seas is a fabulous choice and if any one did they would not regret it that is for sure.

We wrote articles for a traveller’s guide

This is a piece of writing Kieran did for level D proof. He is hoping to get Level D this term. What do you think? (Comment and say.) 


Dunolly adventure

Dunolly is an adventure it has beautiful landscape, a peaceful river and a gentle breeze. It is in aberfelldy, which is in Perth, and it’s a peaceful town. Dunolly is about 37 meters from a small town and is beside a forest and a river.

There is a few friendly staff that does all the activities         every day whether it’s gruellingly cold or blistering hot. They are well trained and are skilled in safety. They are very fun and friendly even with harsh weather and long hours.

Dunolly is a family place and has plenty of room. There is a mansion and a cottage for guests and staff to use. Families who go may pick any room they want but p7 pupils have to say whom they would like and the staff’s tries and work out the best rooms.

In Dunolly there are many activities from archery to rafting. Pupils must do 3 activities a day but families do as much as they want to. Lots of activities are tricky but fun and enjoyable.

Dunolly is a fun filled adventure so it’s a great place. It does birthdays, anniversaries and reunions and more events. Its rated 10/10 and more from schools and businesses so it’s great and fun.

By Kieran

Megan’s guide

This is a piece of writing Megan did for level D proof. She is hoping to getLevel D this term. What do you think? (Comment and say.) 


Sorrento in Italy is a stunning and gorgeous place to go on holiday. In the evening guests can see a wonderful sunset over Mt. Vesuvius.

    The weather in Sorrento is warm  but not to hot.

In the morning visitors will either be chilly or very warm. But 11am-2pm is the hottest time in the day.

In the evening tourists  will experience lovely Italian weather.

    In Sorrento you can either go into the small and friendly village, Go site seeing or just laze about in your room. If guests wish they can go for a stroll up Mt. Vesuvius and look down on the great mountain its self.

     The food in Sorrento is fresh and tasty, and filled with flavour. For lunch Tourists might want to go down to the local pizzeria for a hand made pizza. After which they may want to enjoy a delicious and creamy ice cream. For dinner  tourists may  wish to go to one of the many restaurants placed around Sorrento.

       The Italian life style is a friendly one where in each village everyone knows everyone and they just walk around and talk to one and other. When guests enter Sorrento they will feel right at home.

 To go to Sorrento is a dream holiday for anyone

 By Megan